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Annual report

Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2021

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Annual Report 2017/18

Technical Manual

Technical Manual Version 2.1

Pilot Version P2 – Human Rights Prerequisites

CSC_V2.1 Annex

Pilot Version P2 – Human Rights Annex

Technical Manual – Aggregate Crusher

Technical Manual – CSC CO2-Module

CSC Annex – CO2-Module

Technical Manual – Cement Grinding and Blending

Technical Manual – Marine Aggregate

Technical Manual – Precast Concrete

Technical Manual – R-Module

Annex – R-Module

Technical Manual – Recycled Aggregates

Technical Manual – Slag Grinding


C7.01 Calculator

Manual Toolbox

Manual Toolbox

Guidance notes

Pilot Phase Human Rights

Recertification Process

Guidance Note 07-01

Mandatory Criteria for Specific Certification Level


How to upgrade your certificate

Request Certificate Translation

CO2-Module and Upgrade a CO2-Module

Backdating of recertification certificates

Other resources


LEED Pilot Credit Fact Sheet

The Company Charter of the CSI



Evidence for the recognition of the R-Module (DGNB)

Vessels Evidence List

B3 Innovation Credit application form

Expired versions

Technical Manual – R-Module previous version ( until 31.12.2022)

Technical Manual 2.0 – Recycled Aggregate

Technical Manual 2.0

Technical Manual 2.0 Crusher

Technical Manual 2.0 – Grinding Station

Certification Body Summary Audit Report

CB Summary Audit Report 2022/ 2023

CB Summary Audit Report 2021

CB Summary Audit Report 2020