CSC Logo user guide

There are three sets
of CSC logos/trademarks

CSC logo User Guide

CSC has a system for authorizing the use of CSC logos and takes infringements of trademarks very seriously.

CSC Logo

CSC Logo requirements

The CSC logos belong exclusively to the CSC

CSC Regional System Operators and Certification Bodies can use the logo as stated in the CSC RSOs and CBs Licence Agreement.

The CSC encourages the use of its logos for promotional purposes. It is however forbidden to alter the logos in anyway and to use the logos for false, misleading or deceptive claims.

CSC Certificate logo

R-Module certificate logos

CO2-Module certificate logos

In the context of the R-Module and the C02-Module, false or misleading claims include the use of the Module logo in the context of concrete deliveries ( products) or projects that do not fulfill performances-namely C02 reduction levels and/or R-material content-such as indicated by the logo.

Certificate logo for products requirements

Companies that have been awarded a certificate are allowed to use their “CSC certified” logo, taking into account the CSC requirements for using the logo:

  1. The certified plant is allowed to use the logo and may label all its products with the respective CSC logo. The use of the logo must not relate to uncertified plants or products from uncertified plants.
  2. If the logo is being used for a specific product (e.g. in marketing documents or on invoices), the logo shall be used with the unique number of certification. The number will be listed in the register on the Concrete Sustainability Council website, which is publicly available. here
  3. Prevent misleading claims by using the logo in combination with other branding. The CSC claims must be clearly differentiated from other branding claims.
  4. Inform CSC on complaints from clients regarding the use of the logo. This will help us improving the guidelines and further improve the certification system.
  5. Do not create CSC related brand names, websites or URL’s without permission. Rules for the use of the CSC label and logo pertain to both the use of the label on individual products and to claims made on websites or brochures. The CSC label (including the CSC abbreviation) may not be used in brand names, company names or domain names (URLs).
  6. Companies are expected to adjust the use of the logo to any change to the certificate (e.g. promotion to a higher level, demotion to a lower level, expiry) without undue delay. In particular, the following rules apply:
    • If the certificate expires without re-certification or is withdrawn by the Certification Body or the Concrete Sustainability Council the use of the certificate logo has to be stopped completely within forty two (42) natural days.
    • If a certificate is demoted to a lower level (e.g. a change in the supply chain triggers a demotion from Silver to Bronze) the logo has to be adjusted within forty two (42) natural days.
    • If a plant re-certifies before the expiration of the former certificate and achieves a lower level the corresponding changes have to be implemented within forty two (42) natural days; if the plant re-certifies before the expiration of the former certificate and achieves the same or a higher level the corresponding changes have to be implemented within sixty (60) natural days.

Founding members and members logos

Organizations that are CSC founding members or members may use the designated member logo in all of their communication and marketing, in accordance with the provisions thereof.

Sponsor logo

As a Sponsor you may use the designated Sponsor logo in all of your communication and marketing, in accordance with the provisions thereof.

The Sponsor Logo shall only be used exactly as registered in the relevant trademark register(s). In any case, the Sponsor is not permitted to alter the Sponsor Logo and neither to use the Sponsor Logo as part of a new logo.

The Sponsor shall:

  1. not register, in whole or in part, the Sponsor logo or any alteration thereof;
  2. not use the Sponsor logo as or as part of a company name, trade name, product name and

The Sponsor logo may be:

  1. affixed to the walls and/or on signs around the premises of the Sponsor;
  2. affixed to brochures and documentation about certification of the CSC Certification System;
  3. used on the website of the Sponsor

CSC Trademark Protection Strategy

All infringement on the use of the logo can bring severe damage to the Organisation and to the public opinion of the sector as a whole. Any act of infringement carried out by a third party must be reported immediately to the CSC. The CSC and its members actively check how the CSC logo is used.

Certificate holders or any other entity that makes false claim will be contacted by certification body or regional system operator.

The certification body has the right to revoke the certificate. The regional system operator has the right to request the company/organisation to correct the false claim in an appropriate way.

In case no appropriate action is taken by the company/organization that made the false claim, the case is brought to the Executive Committee of CSC. The Executive Committee will take the most appropriate action needed to protect the trademark. The false claim will be published in the CSC website and will be mentioned in the CSC annual risk report.

The CSC reserves the right to take legal action against all misuse of the CSC logo.