Holcim Belgium Achieves CSC  Gold Certifications for Excellence in Sustainability Across Multiple Facilities

July 7, 2024

Gembloux, Overijse, Dampremy, Mons, Sint-Truiden, Aarschot, Merksem, Bruxelles Ready Mix Concrete Plants and Aggregate Facilities Honored with CSC Gold Certifications

Holcim Belgium proudly announces that eight of its Ready Mix Concrete plants have been awarded Gold certification by the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) for their exemplary commitment to sustainability and quality in concrete production. This achievement, bestowed on June 28, 2024, highlights Holcim’s leadership in integrating sustainable practices into its operations.

In addition to these accolades, Holcim Belgium’s dedication to sustainability extends to its aggregate and cement facilities, which were similarly recognized with Gold certifications in May 2024 by the CSC. These certifications affirm Holcim Belgium’s holistic approach to sustainability across its entire product portfolio.

Certificates Awarded:

Ready Mix Concrete Plants:

Gembloux Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Overijse Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Dampremy Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Mons Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Sint-Truiden Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Aarschot Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Merksem Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Bruxelles Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Aggregate and Cement Facilities (Received in May 2024):

Leffe Aggregate Plant

Trooz Aggregate Plant

Perlonjour Aggregate Plant

Milieu Aggregate Plant

Givet Aggregate Plant

Ermitage Aggregate Plant

Antwerp Cement Plant

Obourg Cement Plant

Each certification reflects Holcim Belgium’s commitment to sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, and innovation in the construction materials industry. These achievements underscore Holcim’s leadership in promoting sustainable building solutions and supporting the global transition to more eco-friendly construction practices.

The Concrete Sustainability Council congratulates Holcim Belgium on this significant achievement, acknowledging their exemplary commitment to sustainability and quality in the construction materials industry.

For more information about Holcim Belgium and its commitment to sustainability, please visit  https://www.holcim.be/