CSC First Sponsor: Güteschutz Beton

April 1, 2023

We are very happy to count with our first Sponsor as of the 1st April 2023, with the company of Güteschutz Beton!

The CSC has decided to open this Sponsorship possibility in order to invite companies to support the CSC in its effort to accompany the Concrete Industry shift into a fully sustainable industry.

Güteschutz Beton has been registered as an association ( NGO ) for 73 years, carrying out monitoring and certifying manufacturers of precast concrete elements and precast concrete products in accordance with strict rules under private law, so that customers and users of concrete parts can rely on quality.

From their headquarter in Düsseldorf, they have four civil engineers who educate and monitor the industry. They have certified around 200 manufacturers, including many manufacturers from NL, B, PL.

We are letting Mr Zwolinski, CEO of Güteschutz Beton directly inform us on why sustainability is important to Güteschutz Beton and why they decided to support the CSC by becoming CSC sponsors.

It is important that concrete can credibly demonstrate sustainability at least as well as other materials with a documented process that is constantly being developed. It is also a great advantage that the CSC is an initiative voluntarily developed from and supported by the private sector, because all the legal requirements in the field of construction products have so far not contributed to an increase in quality or sustainability at the European level, and will never be able to do so as rigorously and quickly in the future as the industry itself.

Since 2018, Güteschutz Beton has actively supported the CSC by offering to their clients active assistance and advice on CSC certification and have become experts with the CSC Toolbox. This consultancy service was possible as there is no conflict of interest with our own missions, and Güteschutz Beton strongly believes that sustainability in today’s world is an essential feature of the concept of quality, and fulfills our associations purpose thereby. We have gained first experiences with the cement industry as well as with ready-mixed concrete plants, until today we have successfully accompanied 15 manufacturers. Currently 10 further procedures are running with manufacturers of precast concrete parts, still increasing rapidely since November 2022.
We are fully behind the CSC system and have had exclusively positive experiences with BTB as the operator in Germany and with the active CSC certification bodies.

In the meantime, we notice that clients are starting to specifically request CSC certification for ready-mixed concrete and for precast concrete elements. This is the best proof that CSC is establishing itself as the core for sustainability in concrete construction in Germany, and as a voluntary private-law certification.

Therefore, we were very pleased to be accepted as a sponsor. It will encourage us to further expand our competence in supporting precast concrete manufacturers and thus contribute to the future of concrete construction”

Thank you to Güteschutz Beton for their support and for helping companies choose sustainable practices. We are thrilled to welcome them officially to the CSC community!