CSC Technical Manual CO2-Module updated

March 13, 2023

An updated version of the CSC Technical Manual CO2-Module is now online. The update only affects criterion L5 and is outlined in the following.


L5 Minimum CO2 reduction vs. baseline

Required evidence


Annual compliance declaration by the management (see the annex)


Exemplary sample check of mix designs for concrete supplied carrying the CSC CO2-module certificate.

The following information of each mix-designs covered by the CO2-module needs to be uploaded in the CSC


CO2 reduction class to be confirmed by the delivery slip or a producer confirmation with reference to the delivery



in case of first-time certification or recertification when no CO2-module has been delivered in the previous year:

CO2 calculation for at least one individual low CO2 concrete mix design to be potentially delivered from the concrete plant that is targeting to obtain a CSC CO2 module. The highest targeted CO2 reduction class is decisive.