200th CSC Certificate in the Netherlands Awarded to Lammers Beton

July 5, 2024

Lammers Beton in Weert proudly received the 200th Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) certificate in the Netherlands. Richie Hilgersom, an auditor from Kiwa, presented the prestigious gold certificate to Ronald Gielissen and Jan van Lierop of Lammers Beton.

At the ceremony, Ronald Gielissen reflected on the rigorous certification process. “This was the first time we went through this process, and it required a lot of research. In particular, establishing an average Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our isokorven was a challenge. However, within a year, the demand for CSC certification increased significantly. The certificate is highly valued by the market and provides an excellent way to measure and ensure our sustainability efforts.”

Quick Scan by Students

The certification journey was a collaborative effort with students from the HAS Green Academy in Den Bosch. “The students first performed a quick scan, after which we determined with the management team whether CSC was feasible. Initially, bronze seemed achievable, but it soon became clear that silver was possible,” shared Jan van Lierop. Thanks to Betonhuis’ Monitoring Tool and the provision of environmental data for the CSC Sustainability Report, even gold came into the picture.

High Overall Score

Richie Hilgersom highlighted Lammers Beton’s impressive performance with an overall score of 82.35%. “This shows that Lammers Beton has invested significantly in sustainable business. One of the company’s strengths is its social management. Upon entering, visitors see a large information board showing the number of days without accidents, increasing awareness of safe working among employees. The Lammers Beton team scored 45 out of 48 points in this section, and everyone should be proud of that.” “And we are!” added Jan.

The achievement underscores the growing importance and recognition of sustainable practices in the concrete industry, marking a significant milestone for Lammers Beton and the broader sustainability efforts in the Netherlands. On behalf of the CSC, congratulations to Betonhuis for reaching this remarkable milestone of awarding the 200th CSC certificate in the Netherlands.

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