Bruil Achieves CSC Silver Certification for All Dry Mortar Locations

June 11, 2024

The Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) is proud to announce that Bruil has received the prestigious CSC Silver certification for all its dry mortar locations in the Netherlands. This significant achievement marks Bruil as the first company in the Netherlands to receive this international seal of approval for their commitment to sustainable, transparent, and socially responsible dry mortar production.

The CSC certification covers the entire concrete chain, including cement producers, raw material suppliers, concrete manufacturers, concrete plants, and now also dry mortars. This comprehensive coverage ensures that every aspect of concrete production adheres to stringent sustainability standards.

Wide Rage of Dry mortar

Bruil is known for its wide range of dry mortars that provide a solid foundation for various construction projects. Their products are frequently used in diverse markets such as renovation, new construction, residential construction, utility construction, and infrastructure. Additionally, these mortars are highly suitable for maintenance projects. The wide range of applications and reliable quality make Bruil’s mortars a favorite among construction professionals.

Bruil’s dry mortars are distinguished by their versatility. They can be used for a variety of projects and applications, ranging from structural elements in new construction to repairs in renovation projects. These mortars deliver consistently high performance and contribute to the sustainability of the construction projects in which they are used. Awarding the CSC certificate to Bruil’s dry mortars recognizes the company’s compliance with strict environmental and social standards.

CSC Silver Certification

The CSC Silver certification is a testament to Bruil’s dedication to implementing and maintaining high standards in environmental management, fair labor practices, and responsible sourcing. This certification ensures that Bruil’s dry mortar products are produced in a manner that minimizes environmental impact, promotes worker safety, and supports local communities.

Bruil’s achievement of the CSC Silver certification is a noteworthy milestone, but their journey doesn’t stop here. The company is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in their operations, with the ultimate goal of achieving the CSC Gold certification. By striving for higher standards, Bruil demonstrates its leadership and proactive approach in the construction materials industry.

As Bruil continues to enhance its sustainable practices, the Concrete Sustainability Council looks forward to supporting and recognizing their ongoing efforts. Together, we are building a greener and more sustainable future for the construction industry.

Congratulations to Bruil on this outstanding achievement!

Picture left to right: Remco Kerkhoven, communications manager and statistics (Betonhuis/CSC), Remy Zwerus, auditor (SGS), Tobias Laurens, Sustainability Coordinator (Bruil), Marcel Bos, Mix Plant Manager (Bruil), Dennis Budding, Commercial Manager (Brui) and Breunis van Driesten, Director (Bruil)