CSC Achieves Milestone with Over 1000 Certified Plants

May 17, 2024

In 2017, the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) introduced a global certification system for the sustainability of companies in the cement, raw materials and concrete industry. The CSC system comprises various certification levels and, with a “CO2 module”, also allows the certification of explicitly emission-reduced concretes as well as the certification of concretes with recycled materials via the “R module”.

The CSC has now reached a special milestone in its history: for the first time, more than 1,000 plants and facilities worldwide have been certified according to the CSC criteria. The leap over the 1,000 mark was made possible by the certification of four Waibel Group plants at the end of April this year.

“Sustainability has a long tradition in our company,” explains Ralph Drumm, member of the Waibel KG management team. Starting with the environmentally friendly extraction of aggregates at the quarrying sites, through CO2-efficient logistics with the company’s own inland waterway vessels, to the CSC-certified production of ready-mixed concrete, Waibel has consistently aligned the entire value chain with sustainability. The Waibel Group has also been involved in the processing and marketing of mineral building materials since the mid-1980s. “Sustainable building materials and the associated logistics are becoming increasingly important in terms of demand and turnover,” continues Ralph Drumm.

Concrete test center manager Andreas Reichertz, responsible for the CSC certification process at Waibel, adds: “As a technology-oriented medium-sized company, we are very happy to take on the challenge of being able to offer our customers a high-quality and sustainable building material within the framework of the applicable standards and building regulations.”

Left to right : Andreas Reichertz – Waibel KG, Andreas Tuan Phan, BTB, ( Regional System Operator of the CSC) Ralph Drumm – Waibel KG