CSC has welcomed in November a new Certification Body in Germany, FÜZ Süd

December 20, 2023

CSC does not issue certificates on its own, independent certification bodies carry out the assessments which lead to a csc certification. The Certification Bodies are key for the Development of the CSC as it is the organization that issues the responsible sourcing certificates and scores based on the CSC Certification System.

CSC has welcomed a new Certification Body in Germany, FÜZ Süd.

FÜZ Süd was founded on the 1st of April 2021 as a monitoring association and certification body. The employees of FÜZ Süd are available to their customers as competent and reliable partners

It has over 30 years of successful test center management for sometimes the most demanding civil engineering structures; 17 years of experience in testing, monitoring and certification and 15 years of independent production of concrete and precast reinforced concrete elements

“Climate-damaging economic activity becomes a cost factor that ultimately makes construction products even more expensive. Companies must reduce their own emissions wherever possible. A close examination of production processes reveals a great deal of potential for savings. With the help of CSC, we would like to make our contribution as a CB.“ explained Ulrich Guhl, General Director for FÜZ Süd

We warmly welcome FÜZ Süd to the CSC team.

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