Updated Fee structure for 2024

October 17, 2023

The 2024 fee structure for CSC certification has been updated.

This new fee structure will be applied as of January 1, 2024.  

CSC license fee

Every plant that wants to certify needs one certification license. CSC certification licenses can be redeemed with registration rights which can be purchased individually and in the form of a bundle. 

Costs for CSC registration rights are as follows, all in EUR net excl. VAT

 Registration rights / Costs 2024

1 registration right / 1.190

One bundle of 5 registration rights / 4.750

One bundle of 10 registration rights / 8.300

One bundle of 20 registration rights / 16000

To register a project, the certification licenses can be paid with registration rights as follow ( this remains unchanged from 2023): 

Object of certification One certification license equals

Concrete 1 registration right

R-Module 0.5 registration right

CO2-Module 0.5 registration right

Aggregates 2 registration rights

Cement 3 registration rights

Marine aggregates 5 registration rights

To upgrade existing certificates during their period of validity, the upgrading license can be paid with registration rights as follows:

Object of certification

Concrete 0.5 registration right

R-Module 0.25 registration right

CO2-Module 0.25 registration right

Aggregates 1 registration right

Cement 1.5 registration rights

Marine aggregates 2.5 registration rights

The validity of an upgraded certificate remains unchanged.


Certification/Auditing costs

Additional certification and auditing costs apply for document verification and on-site visits by the certification Body (CB). These costs are subject to an individual certification agreement between the company seeking CSC certification and the CB