CSC System for Cement Grinding and Blending V2.1 online

September 4, 2023

The already existing “Grinding System” was extended by a system for cement blending stations. Cement production in cement blending plants is performed by blending Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC, CEM I) with secondary cementitious materials in dedicated blenders. Cement blending plants are not equipped with a kiln and own grinding equipment and their cement production consequently depends on (external) Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC, CEM I) supply. Most of the environmental impact of the cement blending is related to cement (clinker) production and it is consequently necessary for cement blending plants undergoing CSC certification to prove that the processed cement they use is produced in a responsible manner. If a cement blending station is the object of certification, the “cement grinding and blending” system must be selected.  In this case, only criterion C8 „Cement supply to CSC Cement Blender“ of the category “Chain of Custody” needs to be addressed