Eight companies confirm their commitment to CSC-Certification around the world with the certification of 30 plants in July

August 2, 2023

With certificates issued and audited by KIWA, SGS Intron and sicZert Zertifizierungen GmbH, as independent third-party certification bodies, 8 companies in July strengthened their brand and reputation in the market by showcasing sustainable practices, such as: CO2 emission reduction, fair business practices & compliance, enhancing biodiversity, excellence in occupational health & safety, moving towards circularity using water in a responsible manner and enhancing responsibility in the supply chain.

🥈 CSC Certified achieved at SILVER level:

In Germany, Schmitt Beton GmbH & Co. KG with 1 Ready Mix plant at Markt Schwaben and RTB Chiemgau GmbH & Co. KG (Roherdorfer Transportbeton) also with 1 Ready Mix concrete site at Ainring.

🥇 CSC Certified achieved at GOLD level:

Betoncentrale Twenthe BV accomplished in July a comprehensive CSC-certification campaign in Netherlands: 9 Concrete Ready mix plants located in Farmsum, Emmen, Hardenberg, Huissen, Doetinchem, Groenlo, Ensched, Hengelo and Almelo, successfully confirmed their CSC-certification.

Additionally, in July in Netherlands, the ENCI B.V Cement plants (Heidelberg Cement Group) at Velsen-Noord and Botlek-Rotterdam were CSC-certified. And the Precast Concrete plant from Bosch Beton at Barneveld, Netherlands was also certified.

In the same way, in Germany, Berger Beton SE certified 10 Ready mix plants at the level GOLD located in Regensburg, Oranienburg, Neusäß-Täfertingen, Berlin, Wehringen, Nürnberg, Dresden, Potsdam-Satzkorn, Radefeld — Schkeuditz and Baiersdorf.

In Belgium, Holcim certified 2 Ready mix plants in Antwerpen and Brussels. CBR certified 2 cement plants at the level GOLD.

🏆 CSC Certified achieved at PLATINUM level:

The CBR cement production plant (Heidelberg Cement Group) at Lixhe-lez-Visé, Belgium, was CSC-certified at the highest score level, Platinum

The concrete responsible sourcing certification system enables the concrete industry and its main suppliers – i.e. cement and aggregate industry – to communicate and show the level to which a plant operates in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible way and certifies that it produces products that have minimal impact on the environment.

With the recognition of CSC-certification in leading Green Building labels, such as DGNB, ÖGNI, ENVISION, BREEAM, B.E.S.T. or LEED, supplying certified concrete improves the scoring of Green Building projects.

Use CSC-certified concrete to provide additional value.

Photo: neonbrand-87EqZAWN-v8-unsplash