CSC is welcoming this month to a new Certification Body in Italy

June 19, 2023

ASACERT is a Certification and Inspection Body specialized in the construction sector with more than 20 years in the market, with specific sectoral expertise undergoing periodic refresher training in relation to new auditing methodologies and techniques, changes in sector regulations, and the introduction of new certification schemes, with the aim of always guaranteeing advanced and reliable technical assessments.

We aimed to be an added value for companies, to participate in their development and goals. We support companies’ in-house staff with our experience and professionalism, transferring the know-how gained through years of study and work in the field. We seek continuous improvement, offering those who work with us a tangible competitive advantage. One of the cornerstones of ASACERT’s activity is sustainability. Adherence to circular economy criteria and ESG principles, concretely, are the basis for guaranteeing a future of well-being for people and the planet. This is why we have been in line with the need to push companies to adopt new actions to protect the environment and to report them, according to objective and common criteria and ratings, relying on third-party organizations with proven experience such as Asacert. This will now be fundamental, as well as mandatory, so that every organization, large or small, undertakes to operate in line with the sustainability objectives in a conscious way to obtain reputational and market advantages, summarizes Fabrizio Capaccioli, Managing Director for ASACERT.

ASACERT is distributed throughout the Italian territory (Roma, Milan, Bari) and in various countries of the world: United Kingdom – Bulgaria – Georgia – Lebanon – United Arab Emirates – India – Indonesia – China – Singapore– Nigeria – Canada – United States – Mexico – Brazil

We decided to become CSC Certification Body, because in all our technical activities we operate in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible way. This step towards CSC Certification represents a further and coherent step towards our reference market, demonstrating the fact that ASACERT develops its business in line with the principles of sustainable development recognized by the international community“, explained Roberto Mandelli, Technical Director for ASACERT.

As a member of CSC, Certification Bodies have the opportunity to have their voice heard, entering into a credible in-depth dialogue on sustainability with customers and CSC Technical Committee and they are welcome to participate in CSC  Certification Bodies Roundtables and in CSC General Assembly having a worldwide influence. For more information, visit here.

Welcome ASACERT to the CSC team!