Concreting in summer and winter with KTI, CSC new sponsor

June 2, 2023

We are very happy to count with a new Sponsor as of 1st May 2023, KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH, in particular the business unit KTI – ConTempCo

You might be wondering, what does ConTempCo stand for? ConTempCo stands for:

Concrete  Temperature  Control = temperature-controlled concrete

The professional and safe processing of fresh concrete poses challenges for concrete producers and construction companies; especially when extreme temperatures prevail, as in summer and winter.

KTI – ConTempCo offers the perfect solutions in a broad portfolio to meet these challenges safely. The Company offers solutions for temperature control of fresh concrete and enables construction independent of prevailing weather conditions such as ambient temperature, wind, humidity, air pressure, solar radiation and precipitation. The properties of fresh and hardened concrete are thus positively influenced.

The fresh concrete temperature plays an essential role in the production of a high-quality concrete member. With the right concrete temperature, the concrete quickly achieves an appropriate resistance to the environmental influences already during processing and a safe curing of the concrete is guaranteed. Therefore, not only concrete properties are positively enhanced but also its lifespan.

Our goal at KTI is always to help the concrete industry to produce sustainable concrete through our equipment,” explains Michael Walleter, KTI’s Head of Sales & Technology and Board member. “We decided to become a CSC sponsor because we always have been a reliable partner to the concrete manufacturing industry for decades and the CSC does an excellent job for companies in the ready-mix and precast concrete industries by providing a guideline towards sustainability“.

In our opinion, the CSC is the ideal association of companies to give a uniform basis through certification in the four categories economy, ecology, the social aspect of sustainability, as well as in the category management. Therefore, we are happy to do our part and collaborate in achieving the goal.”

KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH was founded in 1986. KTI stands for first-class engineering and manufacturing of equipment for individual and combined “all-in-one” solutions, for best possible advice, for an excellent service worldwide – reliable and in the shortest possible time and last, but not least, for a global network of branches, sales representatives, sales partners and service partners.

KTI delivers innovative solutions to 7 core industries, concrete cooling and concrete heating, ice for fish and seafood, snowmaking at plus degree temperatures, ice plants for pigment production, mine cooling, refrigeration for food & beverage and ultra-low temperature storage of substances for pharmaceuticals and medicine.

The right concrete temperature with certified responsible sourcing, “not only the concrete and your customers will thank you”, but also future generations, because together we are building a sustainable, safe, durable and comfortable future!

CSC thanks KTI – ConTempCo for their support and for helping companies choose sustainable practices. We are thrilled to welcome them officially to the CSC community! With this approach KTI is truly following its company’s motto “Better Together!”

In memory of Rainer Wiedenbruch R.I.P