June 2, 2023

In May we congratulate a new country committed to demonstrate concrete and its supply chain as sustainable building materials!  An aggregates plant in Norway was awarded with the first CSC certification. The first one of many to come. 

Demand for CSC certification is growing in the Precast Business. In May, out of 18 certificates, 6 were awarded to Precast plants. 

It is our vision to build a sustainable, safe, durable and comfortable future.  Together is better! 

All in all, 5 new Ready-Mix plants and 1 cement plant were awarded in May in the Netherlands with a CSC certification. In Germany also 5 plants were awarded with the CSC certification. Thereof, 2 Ready Mix plants, 2 Precast Plants and 1 Cement Plant. In Belgium 4 Precast plants were also certified, in Italy 2 Cement plants and in Norway one aggregates plant.

Congratulations to all these plants for their commitment. We are so happy to have you joining efforts with us at the CSC, working together for sustainable cities and providing clients with sustainable concrete

GOLD was achieved by

Holcim with 3 Ready mixed plants (Holcim Cement Nederland b.v – Landgraaf , Holcim Beton und Betonwaren GmbH – Troisdorf and Holcim Beton und Betonwaren GmbH – Münster) certified by KIWA GmbH

Spenner GmbH & Co. KG, Mahlwerk Duisburg with 1 Cement Plant certified by VDZ

W. Hundhausen Bauunternehmung GmbH – Siegen-Eisern with 1 Precast Plant certified by VDZ 

B. Lütkenhaus GmbH with one Precast plant certified by VDZ

SILVER was achieved by 

Tripan NV with one Precast plant in Dilsen-Stokkem certified by KIWA Netherland. #Dilsen-Stokkem

Ankerbeton De Hoop Betonmortel with one Ready-mix plant in the Netherlands certified by SGS. # Zwijndrecht

Beton centrale West Brabant Schelde De Hoop Betonmortel also with one Ready-mix plant certified by SGS #Bergen op Zoom

One Ready mix plant from Breskens beton De Hoop Betonmortel, also certified by SGS.

Beton Centrale West Brabant De Hoop Betonmortel with one Ready Mix plant certified by SGS.

One Precast Plant from TBM Altaan Dilsen-Stokkem, also certified by SGS in Belgium.

Megaton Ninove TBM also with a Precast Plant certified by SGS.

Bronze was achieved by

Norsk Stein Jelsa with an Aggregates plant certified by SKG-IKOB (first time CSC certification issued in Norway)

Ecocem with a Cement Plant also certified by SKG_IKOB

A Cement Plant from Italcementi Spa and a cement plant from Buzzi Unicem srl, both certified by ICMQ in Italy
TBM Thierry Beirens with a Precast Plant Megaton Oudenaarde certified in Belgium by SGS.