The Turkish Green Building Council recognizes the CSC Certification in the B.E.S.T.

May 19, 2023

We are extremely proud that B.E.S.T. (Ecological and Sustainable Design in Buildings), a leading green building assessment system created by the Turkish Green Building Council (ÇEDBİK), is recognizing the CSC certification as verified company standards in the credit “Material and Resource Use”.

B.E.S.T Residential Certification system aims to reduce the negative impact of the built environment on the environment and its habitants by designing and constructing healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. The target of B.E.S.T Residential Certificate is to create healthy communities, a liveable environment, and an improved economy. Besides, this certificate aims to improve the level of building standards. While measuring sustainability in the built environment, it tries to reach the optimum building solution.

B.E.S.T Residential Certificate is the one and only local green building certification system in Turkey for new residential buildings. New Residential buildings, within the scope of the B.E.S.T national certificate, are evaluated under 9 categories; Integrated Green Project Management, Land Use, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Health and Wellbeing, Material and Resources, Residential Life, Operation and Maintenance and Innovation.

ÇEDBİK, which is also a member of the CSC Turkey Advisory Board stated, “We would like to thank CSC for coopering with us.  The intent of this credit is to evaluate the environmental factors of the materials used in Green Building systems, in particular, to make an evaluation on the basis of life cycle analysis. While at the same time, assessing the efforts of companies producing these materials, especially on environmental effects. We think that the CSC Certificate gives important information on these matters. For this reason, the CSC Certification has been recognized by Turkey’s ÇEDBIK’s green building assessment system B.E.S.T.”

For details regarding the green building assessment system B.E.S.T. see here

The recognition by B.E.S.T. gives CSC the confidence to keep moving forward and reward the sustainability-oriented works of concrete, aggregate and cement manufacturers with a reliable, independent, data-based certification system.

The CSC Certification System examines the manufacturers in terms of sustainability under the main credits of Management, Environment, Economy and Social. Thus, it is ensured that the producers reach high standards in terms of sustainability. Manufacturers who are entitled to receive this certificate also provide a great advantage in Green Building Rating systems, which have become increasingly important in recent years. As a result of the audits carried out by CSC Certification Bodies, the plants that are successful are given certificates at Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels.

CSC certified Concrete plants gain extra points from green building evaluation systems. See the complete guide.

So, secure extra points with CSC concrete in your next B.E.S.T. projects!   Together is better!