A new version of the P2-Human Rights Prerequisite and Annex has been developed and will be piloted in countries with first CSC-certifications

May 8, 2023

With the clear objective to further develop and revise the CSC certification scheme, leading to a continuous improvement in the sustainability performance of the concrete sector, two workshops focusing on Human Rights were organized at the beginning of 2023 with a diverse group of human rights and industry experts.

The outcome of the workshops brought valuable feedback on Human Rights that will lead to a revised version of the Human Rights Prerequisites and the Annex. 

The revised version will provide additional guidance to  CSC Certification Bodies when auditing CSC certification projects.The revised Human Rights Prerequisites will be introduced in two dedicated phases: 

The new Human Rights Prerequisites and Annex for the Pilot phase can be downloaded here.

Photo: Concrete in Daily Life CIDA21 Ahmet Öner (@ametnr), Istanbul