Heidelberger Beton achieves CSC R-Module certification for eleven concrete plants in Germany

October 31, 2022

Heidelberger Beton recently achieved CSC R-Module certification for eleven of its concrete plants in Germany. For the first time world-wide, the concrete plants Marzahn, Dettingen, Ingelheim, Aschaffenburg, Fürth, Recklinghausen, Stuttgart-Neckarhafen, Waghäusel, Alzenau, Hainburg and Karlsruhe were granted the new R-Module version 2.1. This version has been enhanced with a “Star” system that rewards maximizing the use of recycled material in fresh concrete. All Heidelberger Beton plants were awarded with „3 Stars“ indicating their capability to deliver concrete with a minimum content of 40 vol.-% recycled material.

“By aiming for the CSC R-Module version 2.1 Heidelberger Beton wishes to promote circular practices including the use of recycled aggregates in fresh concrete” says Dr. Frank Huber, Managing Director of Heidelberger Beton. “The recent R-Module certification of eleven of our concrete plants supports our clients in designing and realizing sustainable buildings.”