CSC Technical Version 2.1 and Annex updated

October 24, 2022

An updated version of the Technical Manual and the Annex are now online.

These are the main updates that have taken place:

In criterion M5.01 and M5.02, the scoring and thus the requirements for Gold and Platinum have been adjusted. From now on, companies can achieve up to 5 points in criterion M5.01 and up to 2 in criterion M5.02. This adjustment was necessary due to national additions in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In M5.01 “Publishing annual performance data (KPIs)” we now distinguish between publication by the company (5 points) and publication via the sector association on behalf of the company (3 points).

In M5.02 “Externally verified KPIs” depending on the verification standard a company can score up to 2 points.

In addition, we have used this occasion to add further explanations to the manual in order to improve continuously, as well as to update all links. This concerns:

You can download the updated Technical Manual here:

And the updated Annex here