CSC-Certification now available for precast concrete producers without its own fresh concrete production

January 10, 2022

The CSC has made available a new certification system for precast concrete producers without its own fresh concrete production

A precast concrete element or concrete element is a structural element made of concrete, reinforced concrete or 
prestressed concrete that is prefabricated industrially in a precast concrete plant and subsequently placed in its final position, often with a crane. Precast concrete producers without its own production of fresh concrete must use the dedicated CSC system “Concrete Sustainability Council (2021) (Precast Concrete)”. They depend on (external) fresh ready mixed concrete supply. Some of the relevant environmental impacts of concrete production is related to the ready mixed concrete production (e.g. cement,) and it is consequently necessary for precast concrete plants without its own fresh concrete production undergoing CSC certification to prove that the fresh concrete they use is produced in a responsible manner.

The CSC Certificate for a precast concrete plant includes the performance of the supply chain (which has a weight 
of 50% of the total score).

10% of a precast concrete plant’s total score comes from the supply chain credit “C5 Ready Mixed Concrete”. Only 
CSC-certified ready mixed concrete suppliers can contribute to the achievement of criterion “C5 Ready Mixed 
Concrete”. The cement score and aggregate score is derived from the ready-mixed concrete producer´s certificate 
(Page 2).

More Information and the Technical Manual can be downloaded here: