BREEAM confirms CSC Recognition

July 6, 2021

CSC system Version 2.1 has achieved recognition as a responsible sourcing certification system applicable to the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). BREEAM is a widely used method of assessing, rating and certifying the sustainability of buildings. 

BREEAM awards credits for responsibly sourced construction products to encourage responsible product specification and procurement in construction. After a thorough evaluation by BRE, CSC System version 2.1 has been accepted as a responsible sourcing certification scheme (RSCS). CSC Version 2.1 certified concrete obtains a RSCS summary score level of 4 (CSC Bronze), 5 (Silver), 6 (Gold) or 7 (Platinum) in BREEAM assessments. The level 7 for Platinum is the highest RSCS summary score level so far achieved by material labels.

This provides project developers with an excellent option to earn points under the MAT 03 credit of the BREEAM scheme (or MAT 05 in BREEAM-NL), and CSC-certified companies with the opportunity to supply concrete into projects seeking BREEAM certification.

For more information please see the BREEAM guidance note GN18.  TO OVERVIEW